happy healthy and hot

90 day transformation    


Imagine where you could be in three short months...

If you are ready to transform your body and your life (and have fun along the way) I am here to support you.   



I'm Elizabeth, from happy healthy and hot. I am a 55 year old double certified health coach and author who is here to show you what's possible.

happy healthy and hot is more than a cute name- it's a unique blend of mindset, nutrition and fitness that works! I'm living proof and so are my beautiful clients.


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Here's what you'll receive:
4 one on one coaching sessions per month for 3 months (via zoom)

Texting support as needed for accountability and questions
Recipes, workouts and meal planning advice to fit YOUR lifestyle
Investment: $1000
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“I have lost another 5 pounds this week. Yes, being consistent is key”

- Natisha

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“I started working with Elizabeth in 2021 and found the inspiration and guidance invaluable. She helped me get on track, break through a plateau and move forward. The journey is much easier and more enjoyable with Elizabeth by your side. I'm now down 22 pounds and have much more confidence in myself. It's more than a physical transformation.”

- Laura

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“Elizabeth is excellent at taking a 30,000 foot above view and made my mistakes so obvious. Sometimes you get so stuck in a rut it is hard to get out. But that's what Elizabeth is for. She simplifies things in a way that brings great results.”

- Luella